Warzone 2100 Technology Tree

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Technology Required techs
AA Ammunition HopperAA HE Flak   Chaingun Upgrade
AA Ammunition Hopper Mk2AA Ammunition Hopper
AA Ammunition Hopper Mk3Whirlwind AATurret   AA Ammunition Hopper Mk2
AA Chainfeed LoaderCannon Rapid Loader
AA Chainfeed Loader Mk2AA Chainfeed Loader
AA Chainfeed Loader Mk3AA Chainfeed Loader Mk2
AA HE FlakHurricane AA Turret
AA HE Flak Mk2AA HE Flak
AA HE Flak Mk3AA HE Flak Mk2
AA HEAP FlakHVAPFSDS Cannon Rounds Mk2
AA HEAP Flak Mk3AA HEAP Flak Mk2
AA Target Acquisition ShellsTarget Acquisition Artillery Shells   AA Thermal Imaging Sensor
AA Target Prediction ComputerTarget Prediction Computer   AA Target Acquisition Shells
AA Thermal Imaging SensorThermal Imaging Rockets
APDSB MG BulletsHardened MG Bullets
APDSB MG Bullets Mk2APDSB MG Bullets
APFSDS Cannon RoundsHEAT Cannon Shells Mk3
APFSDS Cannon Rounds Mk2APFSDS Cannon Rounds
APFSDS Cannon Rounds Mk3APFSDS Cannon Rounds Mk2
Advanced Base Structure MaterialsPlascrete   Hardened Base Structure Materials Mk3
Advanced Base Structure Materials Mk2Advanced Base Structure Materials
Advanced Base Structure Materials Mk3Advanced Base Structure Materials Mk2
Advanced Cyborg ProductionAdvanced Engineering
Advanced Cyborg Production Mk2Advanced Cyborg Production
Advanced Cyborg Production Mk3Advanced Cyborg Production Mk2
Advanced EngineeringNeural Synapse Research Brain Mk2   Improved Engineering
Advanced Factory ProductionAdvanced Engineering
Advanced Factory Production Mk2Advanced Factory Production
Advanced Factory Production Mk3Advanced Factory Production Mk2
Advanced Missile Allocation SystemScourge Missile
Advanced Missile Allocation System Mk2Advanced Missile Allocation System
Advanced Missile Allocation System Mk3Advanced Missile Allocation System Mk2
Advanced Missile WarheadAvenger SAM
Advanced Missile Warhead Mk2Advanced Missile Warhead
Advanced Missile Warhead Mk3Advanced Missile Warhead Mk2
Advanced VTOL ProductionRobotic VTOL Production Mk3
Advanced VTOL Production Mk2Advanced VTOL Production
Advanced VTOL Production Mk3Advanced VTOL Production Mk2
Angel MissileAdvanced Missile Warhead Mk2   Ripple Rockets   Scourge Missile
Angel Missile BatteryAngel Missile
Archangel MissileAngel Missile   Advanced Missile Warhead Mk3
Archangel Missile BatteryArchangel Missile
Assault CannonMedium Cannon   Cannon Autoloader Mk3
Assault Cannon HardpointAssault Cannon
Assault GunHeavy Machinegun   Hyper Fire Chaingun Upgrade   VTOL Machinegun   Machinegun   VTOL Twin Machinegun   Twin Machinegun   VTOL Heavy Machinegun   Heavy Machinegun
Assault Gun EmplacementAssault Gun
Assault Gun HardpointAssault Gun   Assault Gun Emplacement
Assault GunnerAssault Gun   *CyborgChaingun1Ground*
Auto RepairNeural Synapse Research Brain Mk2
Automated Cyborg ProductionFactory Module   Cyborg Factory
Automated Cyborg Production Mk2Automated Cyborg Production
Automated Cyborg Production Mk3Automated Cyborg Production Mk2
Automated Factory ProductionFactory Module
Automated Factory Production Mk2Automated Factory Production
Automated Factory Production Mk3Automated Factory Production Mk2
Automated Repair FacilityAutomated Factory Production   Repair Facility
Automated Repair Facility Upgrade Mk2Automated Repair Facility   Automated Factory Production Mk2
Automated Repair Facility Upgrade Mk3Automated Factory Production Mk3   Automated Repair Facility Upgrade Mk2
Automated VTOL RearmingVTOL Rearming Pad
Automated VTOL Rearming Mk2Automated VTOL Rearming
Automated VTOL Rearming Mk3Automated VTOL Rearming Mk2
Avenger HardpointPlascrete   Avenger SAM Site
Avenger SAMVTOL Strike Tower   Scourge Missile
Avenger SAM SiteAvenger SAM
Bombard PitMortar Pit   Heavy Mortar Bombard
Bunker Buster RocketLancer AT Rocket   HEAT Rocket Warhead Mk3
CB TowerSensor Upgrade   HE Mortar Shells Mk3
CB TurretCB Tower
Cannon AutoloaderAPFSDS Cannon Rounds
Cannon Autoloader Mk2Robotic Factory Production   Cannon Autoloader
Cannon Autoloader Mk3Cannon Autoloader Mk2
Cannon FortressAPFSDS Cannon Rounds Mk2   Supercrete Mk2
Cannon Laser DesignatorDedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis   Cannon Laser Rangefinder
Cannon Laser RangefinderHEAT Cannon Shells Mk2   Synaptic Link Data Analysis
Cannon Rapid LoaderHVAPFSDS Cannon Rounds   Cannon Autoloader Mk3
Cannon Rapid Loader Mk2Cannon Rapid Loader
Cannon Rapid Loader Mk3Cannon Rapid Loader Mk2
Chaingun UpgradeAutomated Factory Production   APDSB MG Bullets Mk2
Cluster Bombs BayVTOL Propulsion
Combat EngineerEngineering   Machine Gunner
Command Relay PostSensor Tower
Command TurretCommand Relay Post
Command turret MkIIComposite Alloys Mk3   Command Turret   Command Turret
Command turret MkIIICommand turret MkII   Dense Composite Alloys Mk3   Command turret MkII
Command turret MkIVCommand turret MkIII   Superdense Composite Alloys Mk3   Command turret MkIII
Composite AlloysFactory Module   Research Module
Composite Alloys Mk2Composite Alloys
Composite Alloys Mk3Composite Alloys Mk2
Construction UnitCAM1 SYSTEMS
Cyborg Composite AlloysFactory Module   Research Module   Machine Gunner
Cyborg Composite Alloys Mk2Cyborg Composite Alloys
Cyborg Composite Alloys Mk3Cyborg Composite Alloys Mk2   Machine Gunner
Cyborg Dense Composite AlloysCyborg Composite Alloys Mk3   Dedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis
Cyborg Dense Composite Alloys Mk2Cyborg Dense Composite Alloys
Cyborg Dense Composite Alloys Mk3Cyborg Dense Composite Alloys Mk2
Cyborg FactorySynaptic Link   Hardened MG Bullets
Cyborg High Intensity Thermal ArmorCyborg Thermal Amour Mk3   Cyborg Superdense Composite Alloys
Cyborg High Intensity Thermal Armor Mk2Cyborg High Intensity Thermal Armor
Cyborg High Intensity Thermal Armor Mk3Cyborg High Intensity Thermal Armor Mk2
Cyborg MechanicMobile Repair Turret   Machine Gunner
Cyborg Superdense Composite AlloysCyborg Dense Composite Alloys Mk3
Cyborg Superdense Composite Alloys Mk2Cyborg Superdense Composite Alloys
Cyborg Superdense Composite Alloys Mk3Cyborg Superdense Composite Alloys Mk2
Cyborg Superdense Thermal ArmorCyborg High Intensity Thermal Armor Mk3
Cyborg Superdense Thermal Armor Mk2Cyborg Superdense Thermal Armor
Cyborg Superdense Thermal Armor Mk3Cyborg Superdense Thermal Armor Mk2
Cyborg Thermal AmourCyborg Dense Composite Alloys
Cyborg Thermal Amour Mk2Cyborg Thermal Amour
Cyborg Thermal Amour Mk3Cyborg Thermal Amour Mk2
Cyborg TransportCyborg Factory   VTOL Factory
Cyclone AA SiteCyclone Flak Turret
Cyclone Flak TurretHurricane AA Turret   AA HE Flak Mk2
Cyclone HardpointCyclone Flak Turret
Dedicated Synaptic Link Data AnalysisSynaptic Link Data Analysis Mk3
Dedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis Mk2Dedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis
Dedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis Mk3Dedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis Mk2
Dense Composite AlloysDedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis   Composite Alloys Mk3
Dense Composite Alloys Mk2Dense Composite Alloys
Dense Composite Alloys Mk3Dense Composite Alloys Mk2
EMP CannonNEXUS Link Tower   Satellite Uplink Center
EMP Cannon TowerEMP Cannon
EMP Missile LauncherEMP Cannon   Thermite Bomb Bay
EMP MortarEMP Mortar
EngineeringCAM1 SYSTEMS
Factory ModuleCyborg Factory   Engineering   Power Module
Fast Fire Mini RocketsHE Mini Rockets Mk2   Automated Factory Production Mk2
Fast Fire Mini Rockets Mk2Fast Fire Mini Rockets   HE Mini Rockets Mk3
Fast Fire Mini Rockets Mk3Fast Fire Mini Rockets Mk2
Fast LoaderHowitzer Autoloader Mk3
FlamerMachinegun   Fuel Injection Engine
Flamer AutoloaderHigh Temperature Flamer Gel Mk2
Flamer Autoloader Mk2Heavy Flamer Inferno
Flamer Autoloader Mk3Flamer Autoloader Mk2
Flamer BunkerHardcrete   Flamer
Flashlight EmplacementLaser Flashlight
Flashlight GunnerLaser Flashlight
Flashlight HardpointLaser Flashlight
Fuel Injection EngineEngineering
Fuel Injection Engine Mk2Fuel Injection Engine
Fuel Injection Engine Mk3Fuel Injection Engine Mk2
Gas Turbine EngineLight Body Retaliation
Gas Turbine Engine Mk2Medium Body Retribution   Gas Turbine Engine
Gas Turbine Engine Mk3Gas Turbine Engine Mk2   Heavy Body Vengeance
Gas Turbine GeneratorDedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis   Power Module
Gauss CannonHardened Rail Dart Mk3   Rail Gun
Gauss Cannon EmplacementGauss Cannon
Gauss Cannon HardpointGauss Cannon
GrenadierMortar   Machine Gunner
Ground Shaker EmplacementHowitzer Emplacement   Heavy Howitzer Ground Shaker
HE Howitzer ShellsHowitzer
HE Howitzer Shells Mk2HE Howitzer Shells
HE Howitzer Shells Mk3HE Howitzer Shells Mk2
HE Mini RocketsMini Pod Rockets
HE Mini Rockets Mk2HE Mini Rockets
HE Mini Rockets Mk3HE Mini Rockets Mk2
HE Mortar ShellsMortar
HE Mortar Shells Mk2HE Mortar Shells
HE Mortar Shells Mk3HE Mortar Shells Mk2
HEAP Bomb BayCluster Bombs Bay   Thermal Imaging Bombsight
HEAP Howitzer ShellsRotary Howitzer Hellstorm   HVAPFSDS Cannon Rounds
HEAP Howitzer Shells Mk2HEAP Howitzer Shells
HEAP Howitzer Shells Mk3HEAP Howitzer Shells Mk2
HEAP Mini RocketsHE Mini Rockets Mk3
HEAP Mini Rockets Mk2HEAP Mini Rockets
HEAP Mini Rockets Mk3HEAP Mini Rockets Mk2
HEAP Mortar ShellsHeavy Mortar Bombard   HE Mortar Shells Mk3
HEAP Mortar Shells Mk2HEAP Mortar Shells
HEAP Mortar Shells Mk3HEAP Mortar Shells Mk2
HEAT Cannon ShellsLight Cannon
HEAT Cannon Shells Mk2HEAT Cannon Shells
HEAT Cannon Shells Mk3HEAT Cannon Shells Mk2
HEAT Rocket WarheadLancer AT Rocket
HEAT Rocket Warhead Mk2HEAT Rocket Warhead
HEAT Rocket Warhead Mk3HEAT Rocket Warhead Mk2
HESH Rocket WarheadHEAT Rocket Warhead Mk3
HESH Rocket Warhead Mk2HESH Rocket Warhead
HESH Rocket Warhead Mk3HESH Rocket Warhead Mk2
HPV Cannon EmplacementHyper Velocity Cannon
HPV Cannon HardpointHyper Velocity Cannon
HVAPFSDS Cannon RoundsAPFSDS Cannon Rounds Mk3
HVAPFSDS Cannon Rounds Mk2HVAPFSDS Cannon Rounds
HVAPFSDS Cannon Rounds Mk3HVAPFSDS Cannon Rounds Mk2
Half tracked PropulsionEngineering
Hardened Base Structure MaterialsSupercrete   Reinforced Base Structure Materials Mk3
Hardened Base Structure Materials Mk2Hardened Base Structure Materials
Hardened Base Structure Materials Mk3Hardened Base Structure Materials Mk2
Hardened MG BulletsMachinegun
Hardened Rail DartNeedle Gun
Hardened Rail Dart Mk2Hardened Rail Dart
Hardened Rail Dart Mk3Hardened Rail Dart Mk2   Rail Gun
Hardened Sensor TowerImproved Hardcrete Mk2   Sensor Tower
Heavy Body MantisHeavy Body Python   Dense Composite Alloys Mk2
Heavy Body PythonMedium Body Cobra   Composite Alloys Mk2
Heavy Body TigerComposite Alloys Mk3   Heavy Body Python   Medium Body Panther
Heavy Body VengeanceHeavy Body Tiger   Superdense Composite Alloys Mk3   Medium Body Retribution
Heavy CannonHEAT Cannon Shells Mk3   Factory Module   Heavy Body Python   Medium Cannon
Heavy Cannon HardpointMedium Cannon Hardpoint   Heavy Cannon
Heavy Flamer InfernoMedium Body Cobra   Superhot Flamer Gel   Flamer   Flamer
Heavy GunnerMachine Gunner   Light Cannon
Heavy Howitzer Ground ShakerHE Howitzer Shells Mk2   Howitzer
Heavy LaserPulse Laser   VTOL Flashlight   Flashlight
Heavy Laser EmplacementHeavy Laser
Heavy MachinegunAPDSB MG Bullets   Twin Machinegun
Heavy Machinegun HardpointMachinegun Bunker   Hardcrete   Heavy Machinegun
Heavy Mortar BombardComposite Alloys   HE Mortar Shells Mk2   Mortar
Heavy Repair TurretAdvanced Engineering
Heavy Rocket BastionThermal Imaging Rockets   Supercrete Mk2   HESH Rocket Warhead Mk3
Hellstorm EmplacementRotary Howitzer Hellstorm
Hi Energy Laser EmitterImproved Laser Focusing
Hi Energy Laser Emitter Mk2Hi Energy Laser Emitter
Hi Energy Laser Emitter Mk3Hi Energy Laser Emitter Mk2
High Intensity Thermal ArmorThermal Amour Mk3   Superdense Composite Alloys
High Intensity Thermal Armor Mk2High Intensity Thermal Armor
High Intensity Thermal Armor Mk3High Intensity Thermal Armor Mk2
High Temperature Flamer GelFlamer
High Temperature Flamer Gel Mk2High Temperature Flamer Gel
High Temperature Flamer Gel Mk3High Temperature Flamer Gel Mk2
Hover PropulsionFuel Injection Engine Mk2   Factory Module
HowitzerHEAP Mortar Shells   Sensor Upgrade
Howitzer AutoloaderHeavy Howitzer Ground Shaker
Howitzer Autoloader Mk2Howitzer Autoloader
Howitzer Autoloader Mk3Howitzer Autoloader Mk2
Howitzer EmplacementHowitzer
Hurricane AA SiteHurricane AA Turret
Hurricane AA TurretTwin Machinegun
Hyper Fire Chaingun UpgradeRapid Fire Chaingun
Hyper Velocity CannonAPFSDS Cannon Rounds Mk2   Medium Cannon
Improved EngineeringEngineering   Dedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis
Improved HardcreteEngineering   Hardcrete
Improved Hardcrete Mk2Improved Hardcrete
Improved Hardcrete Mk3Improved Hardcrete Mk2
Improved Laser FocusingLaser Flashlight
Improved Rocket Wire GuidanceHEAT Rocket Warhead   Synaptic Link Data Analysis Mk2
Incenediary HowitzerHeavy Flamer Inferno   HE Howitzer Shells Mk3   Heavy Howitzer Ground Shaker
Incenediary Howitzer EmplacementHowitzer Emplacement   Incenediary Howitzer
Incenediary MortarNeural Synapse Research Brain   Heavy Mortar Bombard   Heavy Flamer Inferno
Inferno EmplacementHeavy Flamer Inferno
LancerMachine Gunner   Lancer AT Rocket
Lancer AT RocketHE Mini Rockets Mk2
Lancer BunkerHardcrete   Lancer AT Rocket
Lancer HardpointLancer AT Rocket   Hardcrete
Laser FlashlightNeural Synapse Research Brain Mk3   Sensor Upgrade
Laser Guided BombsightThermal Imaging Bombsight
Laser Satellite Command PostNeural Synapse Research Brain Mk3   Satellite Uplink Center
Light Body BugComposite Alloys   Light Body Viper
Light Body LeopardLight Body Viper   Dense Composite Alloys
Light Body RetaliationSuperdense Composite Alloys   Light Body Bug
Light Body ViperLight Body Viper
Light CannonHardened MG Bullets
Light Cannon BunkerHardcrete   Light Cannon
Light Cannon HardpointHardcrete   Light Cannon
Machine GunnerCyborg Factory
MachinegunCAM1 WEAPONS
Machinegun BunkerHardcrete   Hardened MG Bullets
Machinegun Guard TowerMachinegun
Mass Driver FortressGauss Cannon   Rail Gun ROF Mk3   Plasteel
Medium Body CobraFactory Module   Light Body Viper
Medium Body PantherLight Body Leopard   Factory Module   Medium Body Cobra
Medium Body RetributionFactory Module   Medium Body Panther   Superdense Composite Alloys Mk2   Light Body Retaliation
Medium Body ScorpionMedium Body Cobra   Composite Alloys Mk2
Medium CannonFactory Module   HEAT Cannon Shells
Medium Cannon HardpointMedium Cannon   Light Cannon Hardpoint
Mini Pod Rocket Guard TowerHardcrete   Mini Pod Rockets
Mini Pod RocketsFuel Injection Engine
Mini Rocket ArtilleryHE Mini Rockets
Mini Rocket BatteryMini Rocket Artillery   Hardcrete
Missile FortressPlasteel   Scourge Missile   Advanced Missile Allocation System Mk3
Mobile Repair TurretEngineering
MortarHEAT Cannon Shells   Factory Module
Mortar AutoloaderHE Mortar Shells Mk3
Mortar Autoloader Mk2Mortar Autoloader   Heavy Mortar Bombard
Mortar Autoloader Mk3Mortar Autoloader Mk2
Mortar Fast LoaderCannon Rapid Loader
Mortar PitHardcrete   Mortar
Mortar Targeting ComputerSynaptic Link Data Analysis Mk2   HE Mortar Shells
NEXUS Link TowerNexus Link Turret
Needle GunHyper Velocity Cannon   Neural Synapse Research Brain Mk2   HVAPFSDS Cannon Rounds
Needle Gun TowerNeedle Gun
Needle GunnerNeedle Gun
Neural Synapse Research BrainDedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis Mk3
Neural Synapse Research Brain Mk2Neural Synapse Research Brain
Neural Synapse Research Brain Mk3Neural Synapse Research Brain Mk2
Nexus Link TurretAdvanced Engineering   Neural Synapse Research Brain Mk2   Wide Spectrum Sensor Tower
Pepperpot PitRotary Mortar Pepperpot
Phosphor Bomb BayCluster Bombs Bay   Superhot Flamer Gel
PlascreteSupercrete Mk3   Advanced Engineering
Plascrete MK3Plascrete Mk2
Plascrete Mk2Plascrete
Plasma CannonHeavy Laser
Plasma Cannon EmplacementPlasma Cannon
Plasmite BombPlasmite Flamer   Thermite Bomb Bay
Plasmite FlamerHeavy Flamer Inferno   Neural Synapse Research Brain   Inferno
PlasteelPlascrete MK3
Plasteel Mk2Plasteel
Plasteel Mk3Plasteel Mk2
Power ModuleFuel Injection Engine
Power UpgradePower Upgrade
Pulse LaserLaser Flashlight
Pulse Laser EmplacementPulse Laser
Rail GunHardened Rail Dart Mk2   Needle Gun   VTOL Needle Gun   Needle Gun
Rail Gun EmplacementRail Gun
Rail Gun HardpointRail Gun
Rail Gun ROFTarget Prediction Computer
Rail Gun ROF Mk2Rail Gun ROF
Rail Gun ROF Mk3Rail Gun ROF Mk2
Rapid Fire ChaingunChaingun Upgrade
Reinforced Base Structure MaterialsImproved Hardcrete
Reinforced Base Structure Materials Mk2Reinforced Base Structure Materials
Reinforced Base Structure Materials Mk3Reinforced Base Structure Materials Mk2
Repair FacilityMobile Repair Turret   Factory Module
Research ModuleCommand Relay Post   Synaptic Link
Resistance CircuitsAdvanced Engineering   Neural Synapse Research Brain Mk2   Wide Spectrum Sensor Tower
Ripple Rocket BatteryRipple Rockets   Mini Rocket Battery
Ripple RocketsMini Rocket Artillery   CB Tower
Robotic Cyborg ProductionAutomated Cyborg Production Mk3
Robotic Cyborg Production Mk2Robotic Cyborg Production
Robotic Cyborg Production Mk3Robotic Cyborg Production Mk2
Robotic Factory ProductionAutomated Factory Production Mk3
Robotic Factory Production Mk2Robotic Factory Production
Robotic Factory Production Mk3Robotic Factory Production Mk2
Robotic Repair Facility UpgradeAutomated Repair Facility Upgrade Mk3
Robotic Repair Facility Upgrade Mk2Robotic Repair Facility Upgrade
Robotic Repair Facility Upgrade Mk3Robotic Repair Facility Upgrade Mk2
Robotic VTOL ProductionVTOL Rearming Pad
Robotic VTOL Production Mk2Robotic VTOL Production
Robotic VTOL Production Mk3Robotic VTOL Production Mk2
Robotic VTOL RearmingRobotic VTOL Production Mk3
Robotic VTOL Rearming Mk2Robotic VTOL Rearming
Robotic VTOL Rearming Mk3Robotic VTOL Rearming Mk2
Rocket AutoloaderHEAP Mini Rockets
Rocket Autoloader Mk2Rocket Autoloader
Rocket Laser DesignatorImproved Rocket Wire Guidance
Rotary Howitzer HellstormHE Howitzer Shells Mk3   Heavy Howitzer Ground Shaker   Howitzer
Rotary Mortar PepperpotHeavy Mortar Bombard   Mortar Autoloader Mk3   Mortar
Satellite Uplink CenterNeural Synapse Research Brain Mk2   Wide Spectrum Sensor Tower   Advanced Engineering
ScourgeScourge Missile
Scourge MissileTank Killer Rocket   Neural Synapse Research Brain   Lancer   VTOL Lancer
Scourge Missile HardpointScourge Missile
Scourge Missile TowerScourge Missile
Search & Destroy MissilesTarget Prediction Missiles
Sensor TowerMachinegun Guard Tower   Sensor Turret
Sensor TurretCAM1 SYSTEMS
Sensor UpgradeSensor Upgrade
Stabilized Mini RocketsSynaptic Link Data Analysis   HE Mini Rockets Mk2
Stabilized Mini Rockets Mk2Stabilized Mini Rockets   Synaptic Link Data Analysis Mk2
Stormbringer AA LaserThermopole Energizer Mk3   Whirlwind AA Turret
Super Auto Cannon CyborgAssault Cannon   Super HPV Cyborg
Super HPV CyborgSuper Heavy Gunner   Hyper Velocity Cannon
Super Heavy Body DragonSuperdense Composite Alloys Mk3   Gas Turbine Engine Mk3   High Intensity Thermal Armor Mk3   Super Heavy Body Wyvern
Super Heavy Body WyvernSuperdense Composite Alloys Mk3   Gas Turbine Engine Mk3   High Intensity Thermal Armor Mk3   Heavy Body Vengeance
Super Heavy GunnerHeavy Gunner   Cyborg Dense Composite Alloys   Medium Cannon
Super Pulse Laser CyborgPulse Laser
Super Rail GunnerRail Gun
Super Scourge CyborgScourge   Scourge Missile
Super Tank Killer CyborgCyborg Dense Composite Alloys   Tank Killer Rocket
SupercreteImproved Engineering   Dedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis   Improved Hardcrete Mk3
Supercrete Mk2Supercrete
Supercrete Mk3Supercrete Mk2
Superdense Composite AlloysNeural Synapse Research Brain   Dense Composite Alloys Mk3
Superdense Composite Alloys Mk2Superdense Composite Alloys
Superdense Composite Alloys Mk3Superdense Composite Alloys Mk2
Superhot Flamer GelHigh Temperature Flamer Gel Mk3
Superhot Flamer Gel Mk2Superhot Flamer Gel
Superhot Flamer Gel Mk3Superhot Flamer Gel Mk2
Superhot Plasmite gelSuperhot Flamer Gel Mk3   Plasmite Flamer
Superhot Plasmite gel Mk2Superhot Plasmite gel
Superhot Plasmite gel Mk3Superhot Plasmite gel Mk2
Synaptic LinkSynaptic Link
Synaptic Link Data AnalysisResearch Module
Synaptic Link Data Analysis Mk2Synaptic Link Data Analysis
Synaptic Link Data Analysis Mk3Synaptic Link Data Analysis Mk2
Tank Killer EmplacementTank Killer Rocket
Tank Killer HardpointTank Killer Rocket
Tank Killer RocketRocket Laser Designator   HESH Rocket Warhead
Tank TrapsEngineering
Target Acquisition Artillery ShellsHowitzer
Target Acquisition Artillery Shells Mk2Dedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis   Target Acquisition Artillery Shells
Target Acquisition BombsightThermal Imaging Mortar Shells
Target Acquisition Mortar ShellsNeural Synapse Research Brain Mk2   Thermal Imaging Mortar Shells
Target Prediction Artillery ShellsTarget Acquisition Artillery Shells Mk2
Target Prediction ComputerHardened Rail Dart
Target Prediction MissilesAdvanced Missile Warhead
Thermal AmourDense Composite Alloys
Thermal Amour Mk2Thermal Amour
Thermal Amour Mk3Thermal Amour Mk2
Thermal Imaging BombsightThermal Imaging Mortar Shells   Cluster Bombs Bay   VTOL Propulsion
Thermal Imaging Mortar ShellsMortar Targeting Computer   Dedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis
Thermal Imaging RocketsDedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis   Rocket Laser Designator
Thermite Bomb BaySuperhot Flamer Gel Mk2   Phosphor Bomb Bay
Thermite FlamerHeavy Flamer Inferno   Flamer
Thermopole EnergizerHi Energy Laser Emitter
Thermopole Energizer Mk2Thermopole Energizer
Thermopole Energizer Mk3Thermopole Energizer Mk2
Tracked PropulsionEngineering   Half tracked Propulsion
Turbo Charged EngineVTOL Propulsion   Gas Turbine Generator
Turbo Charged Engine Mk2Turbo Charged Engine
Turbo Charged Engine Mk3Turbo Charged Engine Mk2
Twin Assault CannonAssault Cannon   Neural Synapse Research Brain
Twin Assault Cannon BunkerSupercrete   Twin Assault Cannon
Twin Assault GunNeural Synapse Research Brain   Assault Gun   Assault Gun
Twin MachinegunAPDSB MG Bullets
VTOL CB TowerVTOL Strike Tower   CB Tower
VTOL CB TurretVTOL CB Tower   CB Turret
VTOL FactoryVTOL Propulsion
VTOL PropulsionAutomated Factory Production   Hover Propulsion   Fuel Injection Engine Mk3
VTOL Rearming PadVTOL Propulsion   VTOL Factory
VTOL Strike TowerVTOL Rearming Pad   Sensor Upgrade
VTOL Strike TurretVTOL Strike Tower   Sensor Turret
Vapor Turbine GeneratorNeural Synapse Research Brain   Power Upgrade
Vehicle Superdense Thermal ArmorHigh Intensity Thermal Armor Mk3
Vehicle Superdense Thermal Armor Mk2Vehicle Superdense Thermal Armor
Vehicle Superdense Thermal Armor Mk3Vehicle Superdense Thermal Armor Mk2
Vindicator HardpointVindicator SAM   Plascrete
Vindicator SAMAdvanced Missile Warhead Mk3   Avenger SAM
Vindicator SAM SiteVindicator SAM
Wheeled PropulsionCAM1 RESEARCH
Whirlwind AA SiteWhirlwind AATurret   Hurricane AA Site
Whirlwind AATurretAssault Gun   Cyclone Flak Turret   Cyclone Flak Turret   Hurricane AA Turret
Whirlwind HardpointHardcrete   Whirlwind AA Site
Wide Spectrum SensorNeural Synapse Research Brain   VTOL CB Tower   Hardened Sensor Tower   VTOL Strike Tower   CB Tower
Wide Spectrum Sensor TowerVTOL Strike Tower   CB Tower   VTOL CB Tower   Hardened Sensor Tower   Neural Synapse Research Brain   Wide Spectrum Sensor
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